Monday, April 15, 2013


Hey girls!!
Great job for the last two weeks on the strength training!  Everyone seems to be really pushing hard with the weights,  but lets be sure to remember the termonlogy as well as the steps to the lifts.  That means we need to be practicing them on our own time!!

Girls ive been noticing that some of us have not been stretching enough on our own time.  I want you all to make sure that you are helping eachother out and reminding one another to stretch.

Okay so now that we are going on a new schedule change i want you all to make sure you are emailing me to ask if you can come to a different class time that is not your own.  If you do not and we have too many girls then you will be training with the 6:30 class on that evening.  We need to make sure there is communication about this because i cant have too many girls in one class like i did a few weeks back.  so please email me if you need to come earlier or later

Have a great week Force!!

-Coach Tim

Monday, April 1, 2013

hey girls!!

Hey force!  how are you all?!?!  i hope all of you had a great easter.  I also hope all of you enjoyed Tuesdays guest speakers (and also watching me beat coach charlie in a workout ;)).
Now we are back to the grind girls!!  The plan for this week is to get some front squating in and quickly review the clean.  I hope all of you have practiced a few times like i have asked.  We shall see tonight!
Girls i just want to remind you that even though the weather is getting warmer i do not want to see short shorts in the gym when we train.  All of you have done a great job at following the rule but i just dont want there to be any confusion.
Ladies you are all doing a great job with working hard with me when we train but i want even more hard work as the season is beginning to come to an end.  Lets go out with a BANG!!!

ill see you all tonight!

-Coach tim =)

Monday, March 18, 2013


hey girls!!
Hope all of you had a great week training with coach charlie!  This week we will be going over the clean again as well as front squatting so be prepared!!
Please remember to wear the appropriate clothes even though its starting to get warm outside!  Rules are rules.  If the dress code is broken you wont train until you come back in the appropriate clothes.

On a brighter note,  how was everyones weekend?!?!  did you have a great saint patricks day!?  Anyone have an awesome game this weekend??

Girls please make sure you are continuing to stretch and practice your lifts!

Some fun news!!  next week we will be getting two guest speakers from southern california who are world class crossfit athletes as well as previous division 1 college volleyball players so please please come.  it will be super beneficial and wayyyyy fun!

alright girls remember to post something on here about what you learned from the clean last week so i know you have checked the website!

see you all later!

-coach tim!

if the link doesnt work, highlight it and cut and paste into your search engine

Sunday, March 3, 2013

sup girls!!

Hey ladies!!

This last week all of you got the opportunity to work with Coach Charlie.  I hope all of you were on your best behavior and showed him the respect he deserved.  I was very happy to learn that he had nothing but great things to say about all of you.  Good work!

These past few weeks you ladies have had the chance to listen to great speakers on fridays.  I want to say again that it is very important that all of you show up to the friday classes.  These speakers are showing up to speak to you on there own time so they can help all of you succeed.  When we only have twenty girls show up out of over 100 volleyball girls that is pretty sad.  For the girls that have been showing good job!!  Keep trying to get your team members there!

Alright ladies i would really like to know the schedule of your tournaments for the months of march and april if you have them so myself and coach charlie and coach micha can try to attend.

Ladies the plan for the week is to begin working on the clean progressions! please please PLEASE! do not be late and do not blow off training this week! Its very important to show up!!

Force have a great week and come ready to train hard.  Ill see you all soon!

Coach tim

Sunday, February 24, 2013


Hey there girls!!!
Long time no post!!  (bad joke)  Im happy to say that i am finally see everyone lifting weights and starting to push themselves!!  Starting next week we will begin the progressions to the Clean!  i will post a link at the bottom so all of you can see some video on the movement so there wont be any confusion. 

Ladies i know i have said this before but i am very happy with the progress with the movements we have gone over and also with the improvement in everyones mobility!  Just keep working hard girls!

Now i know that not everyone was able to make it friday but for those of you that did good work.  You got some awesome knowledge.  For those of you that didnt you missed out.  The Chief of Police of roseville came to speak to the whole league about what it truely means to work hard.  The girls that came i want all of you to make sure that you pass on the things that were discussed to those that didnt.

Force this week i do not have pictures for you because my phone is having trouble uploading the pictures but i will take care of the problem immediately.  Never fear! Your pictures will be here!

Alright ladies be ready to get some deadlifts in this week!!  Ill see you all at WarriorZ ready to train!

-Coach Tim

Sunday, February 10, 2013


Hey girls!!!
So this week we reviewed the deadlift!  I wanna say that you all did an awesome job with retaining the information from previous classes we spent going over the deadlift.  I want to also say how well all my volunteers did this week when i asked them to demonstrate and coach the deadlift.  Its awesome to see you girls get more and more confident with lifts and hopefully that will translate over into other things in life.  I want to make sure that everyone is keeping up on practicing the deadlift and front squat at home!  It is very important to be doing your own practicing and review on top of what we do in classes and if you have questions about it you can always ask! 

I apologize, to those of you who showed up for the 5:30 friday class, for being absent.  I was out being sick with a bad case of "Sissy-nitious" as Coach Charlie would put it.  But never fear!  I will be back for the Monday classes!  We will be doing deadlifts with actual bars and maybe some weight this week ladies so please be there and be ready to kick some serious tail when it comes to lifting weights!! 

The goal for february is to get you girls lifting actual weight each practice and then when March roles around we are going to begin to learn how to do the Clean.  That will be a very important movement to learn so please make it a bigger priority to not miss any practices ladies!!

Well Force that is all for now.  I will see you all at practice this week!

Coach Tim

ps i know that all the pictures are not there my computer is having issues with retrieving the others so ill try to get on that!

Friday, February 1, 2013


Ladies i just want to say that you all worked super hard this week!!  I saw everyone working really hard and i am really starting to see the hardwork you all have been putting into stretching!  For those of you that missed it this week we began to front squat with moderate weight on the bar.  Now ladies i want you all to keep pushing the stretching at practices!  i wanna see everyone with awesome form on their front squats so we can get those numbers up!

Now i know some of you have been talking about your wrists hurting during front squats.  I am sorry but ladies that pain is part of being an athlete.  If you would like to wrap your wrists that is totally okay with me.  You can either buy Wrists wraps from a local sports store, or you can buy athletic tape and i will teach you at class how to wrap your writs correctly.

Girls, thank you all for wearing the proper clothing to practices this week i truely do appreciate it.  My policy will stay the same for the rest of the season, so please do not start testing me on it.

I know some of you feel like we didnt really get a chance to lift super heavy but this week was just so all of you could get used to how it felt to lift with weight and to learn how to be safe with weight.

PLEASE CONTINUE TO PRACTICE YOUR DEADLIFTS!!!  Do not forget this lift girls.  I want all of you to be able to do it by the time we do it again.

Again Force i am super proud of all the hard work and energy you all are putting out there, keep it up!

-Coach Tim